Let’s Get This Thing Started….

After arguing with myself for quite some time, I finally decided to start a blog.  Why did I spend so much time arguing with myself instead of just blogging?  Not so sure.  It could be due to the fact that I’m a busy bee who barely has enough time to run errands.  That’s a lame excuse, though.  So now here I am…Blogging.  The title says it all.  I bake, I take photos, and I’m sarcastic.

I could ramble on about myself but honestly, I’m not that interesting.  People have told me that I am rather fascinating but I tend to disagree.  I’m a normal chick, living in New York (but also spending a ton of time in LA), and I bake delicious things.  I also love the oxford comma.  I have also made an “about me” page *points up*.  You’re welcome.

I am going to attempt to update this blogging device as often as possible but please forgive me if I skip a day…Or 5.  During the day I work in front of a computer, so sometimes I want to come home and avoid the computer at all costs.  My acupuncturist says I suffer from “New York Syndrome” which is where a typical New York office dweller has tense shoulders and a bad neck from sitting in the same position all day long.  Who else out there suffers from this?

I’m sure I will be making design changes and adding more links as the days go on.  I’m a perfectionist, which often works against me since that means I lose a ton of time obsessing over crap that no one really cares about.  Oh yeah, by the way, I curse frequently.  I don’t even have to be in any sort of bad mood to do so.  I often curse out of sheer happiness.  I’ll try to filter myself as much as possible on here since this is public and little Tommy could be reading but no promises.  Why is little Tommy reading this anyway?!  I do promise, however, that there will be a baking/recipe post soon.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is me:

What does one say when signing off on one of these things?  Bye!


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4 Responses to Let’s Get This Thing Started….

  1. Tara says:

    I look forward to reading more sarcasm in the near future and please post a recipe soon, the word is out…you are a fabulous baker!!

  2. lady hill says:

    If you had a filter, I don’t think we could be friends. Welcome to the blogosphere!

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