As someone who grew up in a Mediterranean household, I have a deep appreciation for baklava, grilled chicken, fish, and baklava….Wait, I said that already.

I originally went to Wafa’s during a UYE, where we stuffed our faces all around Kew Gardens/Forest Hills.  It wasn’t even an originally scheduled stop but we all wanted to give it a whirl and I was so thrilled that we did.  I fell in love with okra all over again that evening.  We had nearly ended our relationship after being separated for oh so long but that fateful night brought us back together.

Recently, we visited Wafa’s again.  This time with a smaller group of close friends who kept talking about that amazing okra.  Unfortunately, they had run out of okra by the time we arrived (does that prove how GOOD it is?) but they made up for it by providing tons of free appetizers, and who doesn’t love appetizers?

I also love olives.  I was thrilled when they brought these out for us to try.  It’s horrible that some of the closest people in my life hate olives but luckily my Yelp group loves them.

For my entree, I had the Shish Tawook, which is essentially grilled chicken with two sides of your choosing.  I had the hummus (so good) and the mujadarah.  Wanna hear a funny tale?  Ask one of us to pronounce that for you one day.  That is pretty much grains and lentils, pretty damn healthy.  The chicken was great on its own but with the garlic paste and a drop (no really, all you need is a drop) of their homemade hot sauce it was amazing.

Baklava was one of those foods I gave up a couple of years ago in an effort to eat healthier.  Prior to that night at Wafa’s, I had not had baklava in close to two years.  It’s not that I don’t like it, I love it, but it was something I felt the need to let go of.  This all changed when Wafa’s brought out a plate of warm baklava.  I couldn’t resist!  The warm phyllo dough brought back memories of my childhood, the honey was there but not dripping how some places tend to make it, and it was the perfect amount of nuts (har har).  So good!

The other dessert we received, and devoured, was the rice pudding.  I had never had rice pudding made with rose water until I visited Wafa’s for the second time.  I wasn’t a fan of the rose water, as it reminded me of a strong perfume due to its smell, but the taste was pretty good.  I also love cinnamon, and it’s great for blood sugar, so there ya go!

I normally only post reviews and such on my Yelp page (go to my links page up top and you’ll see a badge for my profile) but for certain establishments, I feel compelled to type up a more detailed review, along with photos.  The next time you’re in Queens, stop by Wafa’s.  You will not be disappointed.

Btw, I know I said I would be MIA the next couple of days but I suppose that’s actually beginning tomorrow since I’ll be out and about.

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