I like whiskey, I LOVE whiskey

What does one say when they are invited to a Johnnie Walker Tasting Event?  They say yes, of course!  Well, if you’re a lush like me, then you say yes.  Okay, perhaps lush is a bit too strong of a word but let’s be honest, I love whiskey.  I am the chick that will sit and drink it with you while the other ladies in the room sip drinks that resemble liquid cotton candy (which sounds absolutely gross, btw).

We arrived at Smith & Wollensky (a New York institution) a bit early and were taken upstairs to a separate dining area, also with a separate bar.  Once we were seated, we immediately noticed the menu.  We were expecting a typical tasting where they hand you drinks right off the tray and you get sloshed because you haven’t ate.  Not at a Johnnie Walker tasting!  Here they provide a FREE 3-course meal.  Have I mentioned how much I enjoy FREE things before?  Once we ordered, the United States Ambassador for JW began with the tasting.


Not only did we get to taste and enjoy the drinks before us, we also received a history lesson.  I learned a lot about whiskey/scotch.  I also learned a neat trick: Take green label, move it around with your palm over the glass so a bit lands on your hand, rub your hands together, then smell your hands!  I won’t tell you what it smells like, just try it.

For my appetizer, I chose the crab cake…Which ended up being LUMP crab.  Very tasty!  In the photo below, I opened it up so you can see how fresh it was.

For the entrees, we expected them to skimp on the amount of meat we received.  I mean, free drinks AND free food?  There had to be a catch somewhere!  That was until my filet mignon came out (I typically avoid steak but free filet mignon?  Come on now) and I saw the epic proportion.

Then we drank some more…

I wasn’t too fond of the green label, minus the nifty hand-rubbing trick.  But it was still fairly tasty.  My heart still belongs to black label, though.  We saved the best for last by topping it off with blue label.  There was also some red label (the first glass) which is primarily used for cocktails, and the gold label which was good but not a favorite of mine.

They had mentioned at the beginning of the evening that they would bring out a dessert tray to each table.  They were not kidding…

Carrot cake is one of those things that grossed me out as a child but theirs was amazing.

The whiskeys they gave us with each part of the meal matched perfectly.  From start to finish, everything was wonderful at this particular tasting.  I think I’ve been spoiled and now I will expect all tastings to be like this one!  This was definitely a fun event, where we all got to drink whiskey in a new way.  I’ve had JW plenty of times, however, this was a new way of experiencing it.  And who doesn’t love a free meal?

I know these are not my best photos, but to be “polite”, I shot in the most private way possible while at one of these events.  I think it gets the point across, though.  I mean…..Drinks and tons of food.

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9 Responses to I like whiskey, I LOVE whiskey

  1. G-LO says:

    One word: Fabulous! They don’t do these fancy JW events very often in Philly, but I did get to go to a Balvenie tasting at The Palm last year. Free whisky and free food. Great fun!


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