View of LA

This is a picture I took approximately two years ago at The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.  I am lucky enough to visit LA a few times a year, with a place to stay, and on this particular trip I brought my D90.

Normally I would just bring my point and shoot along for the trip, however, this time I purposely checked a bag (something I normally wouldn’t do) because I felt it was time to finally bring my D90 into the “outside world” and to my second city….That city being LA.

While poking about the Observatory, I stepped outside and saw the neighborhood below, that neighborhood being Los Feliz.  It’s an area of LA that I have grown to love over the past few years.  It’s not pretentious like some other LA neighborhoods, and it’s close to everything you could possibly need during your stay.  It’s also convenient to Hollywood so when your tourist friends (I haven’t been a “tourist” in LA since 2009) decide to visit, you can bring them there for photo opps and whatnot.

When I first uploaded this shot onto my computer, I wasn’t impressed with my work.  I was actually a bit disappointed with how it turned out.  After beating myself up a bit about it, I finally gained the courage to upload it to my DeviantART account, where it received warm reviews.  Maybe it’s not so bad, after all.  It truly does capture the neighborhood below and it displays the fantastic views of a fantastic place to visit.

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