Boston…Go for the iced coffee, oh, and the beer

I have returned from a place where natives do not pronounce their R’s and the subway system is rather old.

A group of friends and I just returned from a one night/one day trip to Bean Town.  Even though I only stayed one night, I noticed that Boston is a lovely city with a lot of history.  It’s easy to navigate and there is much beer to drink!  I would like to say we only visited to see the Samuel Adams Brewery but that would make me sound like an alcoholic (not necessarily a lie) and we did go for other reasons.

But I did take several photos of us drinking…

Doyle’s (above) was the first bar to ever serve Sam Adams.  Did you know they have more Sam Adams to taste than the tasting room at the actual brewery?  The more you know!

Summer Ale was a perfect choice for a 90 degree day.

After the tour, we visited the tasting room where we all had a 7 ounce glass to drink from.  My friends above (Paul, Michelle, and Valerie) all seemed content with this, don’t ya think?

See? We didn’t only drink.  We visited MIT, as well!  The campus alone made me feel stupid *wahhh*

Then it was nap time.

Overall, this was a very fun (yet very short) trip.  I love exploring new cities and not always doing only touristy things.  Granted, Sam Adams was a tad touristy but dammit, I drank my favorite beer with some of my favorite people and I brought home two glasses and a t-shirt!

Now why does the subject of this entry include a shoutout to iced coffee?  I had the best iced coffee of my life (to date) at the Dunkin Donuts in Boston.  I do not know what it was but it was perfectly blended and ice-cold.  I had another one this morning upon my return to New York and was just not satisfied the way I was in Boston.

Oh, I guess you can go for the clam chowder, too.  Till next time…

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