Back in late March/early April, a group of friends and I went to Miami for a few days.  Every year we typically take a vacation referred to as “Mania Week”, this is due to the fact that we tend to go wherever Wrestlemania is.  That is not the only reason we go on vacation, though.  We also go to escape “real life” for a little while.  We get to have some time away from home, work, life.  It’s a nice little vacation, especially since it’s my one “real” vacation per year.  Trips to LA do not count since that is my second home and my other vacation days are used towards mini staycations.  Below are some photos I took during my stay in Miami (which may just be the only part of Florida I actually enjoy).

I found this life station to be absolutely awesome!

My absolute favorite picture from the bunch. This beautiful pier is unfortunately closed off to the public

The man and I found this awesome bar in South Beach called Kill Your Idols. What a nifty place to have a drink!

Joe’s Stone Crabs

Oh hey, it’s me!

I did take quite a few other photos, however, they were all taken on my point and shoot and I don’t feel like boring you all with the ones that make no sense.

Now can someone remove this Florida-like humidity from NY?

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