Every year, there are two Greek festivals thrown on Long Island.  My favorite of the two is the one that takes place in West Hempstead (Garden City, technically).  It’s larger, with more food options, and it is home to the most expensive church in the United States (or at least it still was the last time that I checked).  Unfortunately, this year I was only able to visit this festival once but I still got my food and come on, you know you go to festivals for the food.

Souvlaki. Grilled chicken with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and tzatziki. Much better (and healthier) than a gyro

Galaktoboureko. A Greek custard cake baked in dough. So yummy!

Loukoumades. I didn’t buy any this year hence the photo of the sign. Know what zeppoles are? Very similar to those except drizzled with honey

Metaxa. What I affectionately refer to as “Greek Cough Syrup”. My mother (the hand model in this photo) used to give me this as a child to help stop my coughing. Not only does it knock you out, but it also clears your lungs

Taramosalata (the pink spread) is my all-time favorite Greek food, and it’s not even a Greek dish! Google what it is (I’m afraid to post that here). Trust me, it’s yummy! There’s also eggplant, tzaztiki, and hummus here

Kataife. Shredded wheat cake. Looks rather intimidating but is very tasty

Once you’re done stuffing your face, your next step is to usually tour the church.  I was not raised as Greek Orthodox (even though my father was) but I have gone to many a midnight mass at this church.  We usually go for Easter and light a candle.  This church is absolutely stunning inside and out.  I’m not religious by any means but even I will admit this is a gorgeous church.

The only thing I skipped this year?  A frappe.  I can make those at home, though.

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2 Responses to Opa!

  1. Corrie says:

    I grew up out on Long Island and never knew there was a Greek festival, nevermind two! I adore Greek food so I’ll have to make a trip out there to the next one!

    • quinngoldie says:

      you definitely should! like I mentioned in the post, the one in west hempstead is larger but the one in hicksville has better food. where on LI did you grow up?

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