NYC Tourists

New Yorkers often get a bad rap.  People often say we are “rude” and do not give directions.  Maybe I’m biased but I don’t consider us any ruder than people from other states.  We also give correct directions most of the time.  We just have a million ways of getting from point A to point B.

Whenever a friend from another state visits, I have no idea where to take them!  I’m not a huge fan of the touristy attractions around NYC.  I’ve been to the Statue of Liberty once, the Empire State Building twice, and (as much as I hate to bring this up) I never once stepped inside the World Trade Center.  I’m the cool NY native who will take you to the best happy hour in the city and will take you out for a cuisine you can’t find in many other places.  I guess the only real tourist attraction I would be willing to visit would be Coney Island, but only if my visitor takes me on the Cyclone a minimum of 6 times.

Now here is one of my major issues with the people who visit this beautiful city: Why do you insist on stopping in the middle of a busy sidewalk to look up and possibly take a photo?  Yes, we have skyscrapers.  Yes, they are large.  No, you may not just stop walking so I bump into you.  Thankfully I rarely ever visit Times Square.  It’s pretty, yes but I hate crowds, especially crowds of people who have no clue where they are going.

You’ve been in New York for 2 hours and you already want to buy an I ❤ NY shirt?  Why?  What happens if you wind up hating this city?  I doubt you’ll hate it but what if?

And finally, the one thing about NY that scares most tourists: the NYC Subway Map.  It’s a map that most New Yorkers don’t rely on.  Also here’s a hint: HopStop is your friend.  I’ll admit if I’m looking for a different route somewhere, or if I’m going to a section of an outer borough I have never visited before, I do make use of both HopStop and Google Maps.  Believe it or not, New Yorkers don’t know every borough, especially not the redheaded stepchild State Island.

This blog post is in no way intended to offended tourists.  It’s simply a “mini-rant” of yours truly.  And just a reminder, if you come to NY and expect me to take you out…Well, I’ll probably take you to a bar.  You want to visit during the holidays?  Good for you!  Don’t take me anywhere near Rockefeller Center!  Well, you could take me but don’t be surprised when I have a panic attack.  And don’t be afraid when I take you to a hole in the wall for the best food of your life.

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One Response to NYC Tourists

  1. AstroGremlin says:

    NYC tourists are like mice dropped into a pinball machine. I always felt sorry for them. It takes awhile to understand basic New York, and yeah, when somebody’s trying to play pinball and you just stand there, you ARE going to get yelled at.

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