Griffith Observatory

Writer’s block is a *bleeeeeeeep*.  Since I am currently struggling to write anything and I haven’t had much time to bake, I decided to browse my photo gallery.  Upon doing so, I discovered the photo below, which I took about two years ago during one of my visits to LA.  It was just a random shot I took at dusk.

Hopefully I will have a new recipe or SOMETHING up soon.  A friend of mine stated that I was piecing together a blog entry while at a Yankee game the other night.  Yes, yes I was.  Now, however, I’ve lost a few of those pieces and therefore cannot complete the puzzle.  It will come to me, it always does.

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4 Responses to Griffith Observatory

  1. mulledvine says:

    I recently bought this great little app called Writing Prompts which has loads of weird and wacky generated prompts that are great for releasing the creative juices. Best of luck with your block.

  2. AstroGremlin says:

    Nice shot! When I get writer’s block, I figure there’s a darned good reason and wait until I think of something.

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