Don Pedro’s

Late last year, a bunch of Yelpers made their way over to the UES for brunch at Don Pedro’s.  This brunch went down in Yelp history as one of the most epic brunches known to man.  $19.95 for a full meal and unlimited sangria?  Sign me up!  We definitely had the staff loving and remembering us by the time we finally rolled out of there.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been on the UES much recently, which means I have also been neglecting my beloved Don Pedro’s.  This all changed on Father’s Day!  My father isn’t picky but he’s also not “open” to trying new restaurants.  I finally twisted his arm and convinced him to take a cab to Don Pedro’s.  He was not disappointed.  Hell, the staff even loves him now!  A wonderful group of people keep this place running and they should be respected just as much as their terrific food!

Bread with spicy popcorn to start

They’ll suggest the mojitos, I suggest the sangria

Mofongo de pollo! Truly one of the best mofongos I have ever tasted

Pollo el Ajillo

Tres Leche for dessert

You must stop by for brunch one day!

Definitely give Don Pedro’s a try!  They’re suffering a bit right now due to the 2nd avenue subway construction so go up and show them some love.

Don Pedro’s: 1865 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10029. 212.996.3274

You’ll also find my review for them on my Yelp page to the right.

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