The Gaslight Anthem (Live on Letterman)

I was lucky enough to score tickets to The Gaslight Anthem on Live on Letterman.  Live on Letterman is a series of shows at the Ed Sullivan Theatre.  Recently they have had some up and coming bands, as well as bands that have been around for a while.  The way it works is you get your tickets, line up outside around 7 PM, then you are brought inside and the show begins promptly at 9 PM (it’s recorded for a webcast).  The theatre itself is small, which makes the shows more intimate and therefore awesome.  The Gaslight Anthem is one of my favorite bands (they are actually my favorite band of “right now”) so I was super excited when I found out I had tickets waiting for me!  Below are some photos I took during the performance since Live on Letterman allows you to take photos, text, do anything you want really.  If I had known this in advance, I would have brought my D90 along but the point and shoot did an okay job of capturing the show.

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