4th of July BBQ

I am lucky enough to have many Dominican friends.  I typically would not kick-off an entry with that sentence, however, there is a reason I chose to do so.  That reason being that anytime one of my Dominican friends is throwing a BBQ, I am invited and that in turn means I will be stuffed to my heart’s tummy’s content.  One does not simply attend a Dominican BBQ and only have a nibble to eat.  Oh, you had chicken?  Time for yellow rice and platanos!  Oh, you had ribs?  Time for corn!  The list goes on and on and it’s always pleasing.  Lucky for me, my friend Diana’s cousin was throwing a BBQ in honor of Independence Day and therefore invited me.  The BBQ was full of food, drinks, and dancing.  Unfortunately, I did not catch photos of ALL the food but there are a few below, as well as some other random photos from the evening thrown in.

Our chef for the evening….Alfonso!

Ribs cooked to perfection

Chicken Wings


Dancing to work off those extra calories

Diana and I enjoying some drinks to help wash down all the food we ate

Fireworks to top off the evening of food and fun

I can’t wait until the next BBQ!  By the way, mega post (of sorts) coming up by the end of this weekend.

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