Chug Chug Chug

One of the (many) perks of living in New York are the bars.  You always have that friend that knows that bar where you will wind up having an epic time.  Perhaps you’ll be walking down the street, find a cool bar, and say “Hey! I want to pop in there!”.  Whatever the case may be, if you’re looking for something to do, you’ll find the perfect place to kill some time in….Sometimes this ends up being a bar and sometimes you fall in love with said bar.  Below are a few of my favorite bars around NY, including my own photos.  I was going to thrown in some extras from other states but that would be long and possibly boring.

Rudy’s! A bar with a giant pig out front! This pig is also dressed up specially for holidays and such. Be prepared for duct-taped booths and a FREE hot dog with EVERY beer

Rudy’s Bar & Grill: 627 9th avenue, new york ny

The Duck! Be prepared to see a “fake” bar before the real deal, exposed electrical wires, and bras hanging from the ceiling

The Duck: 2171 2nd avenue, new york, ny

The Zombie Hut! Be prepared for tiki shots (yes they set the bar on fire for these) and a shot of 151 in your straw

The Zombie Hut: 273 smith street, brooklyn, ny

Alligator Lounge! Cheap beer, simple to get to, and a FREE pizza with EVERY beer

Alligator Lounge: 600 metropolitan avenue, brooklyn ny

The Levee! Cheap beer, board games, and cheesy poofs

The Levee: 212 berry street, brooklyn, ny

Duff’s! This is personally one of my all-time favorite bars. It’s the perfect metal bar with good music, silly porn on the TVs, and all sorts of awesome things to look at

Duff’s: 168 marcy avenue, brooklyn, ny

I have many, many more bars that I visit, however, I do not have any of my own photos from them.  I’ll probably do another one of these eventually.  Sorry for the large size of the photos.  And damn!  A lot of these places are in Brooklyn!  I’ll have to work on the follow-up to this post.  Bar crawl with my camera, anyone?  Till next time….

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