SuraSang The Korean Cuisine

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, I’m a foodie.  I love all types of cuisine and I’m usually pretty ballsy when it comes to trying something new (even if it may gross out the average person).  I pride myself on trying different types of cuisine just to be able to say I tried it and yes, I loved it or no, I hated it.  I dislike when people say they hate a food but if you ask if they’ve ever tried it, the answer is no.

At my former company, Korean cuisine was lunch at least once a week.  There is a wonderful place a town over that makes amazing Korean food.  It’s spicy, cheap, and they give you a ton of goodies.  That place is SuraSang.  Once I left said company and moved to the company I’m at now, I kind of neglected SuraSang.  I never should have done so.  The spices they use in their food is guaranteed to clear out the ol’ sinuses and have you feeling good as new again.  I recently made my return to this great restaurant and my companion and I had a wonderful meal.

We started out with rice cakes with bean curd (tofu).  The tofu was amazing and the rice cakes were filling.  They also include various side dishes with EVERY entree.  Some of these include spicy radish (a personal fave) and steamed veggies.  For our entree we went with an old standby: the spicy broth with seafood and noodles.  The broth will make you feel like a new person.  Warning: Do not have this if you cannot handle even if the slightest bit of spice.  The soup was as good as I remembered.  Spicy, full of flavor, and tons of seafood to choose from.  Baby shrimp, prawn, clams, and octopus.  All of that only came to $34, and we had plenty of leftovers to take home.  Definitely stop by SuraSang, you won’t be disappointed.

SuraSang: 336 Jericho Tpke, Syosset, NY

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2 Responses to SuraSang The Korean Cuisine

  1. Monique says:

    Korean is my favorite favorite favorite! can we go to picnic garden when you come back??

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