The People You Meet at the Gym

I know there are several blog posts all over the internet in regard to the people you run into during your workout.  But that won’t stop me from posting one, too!  Why not?  Simple.  Because even though you can Google “people at the gym” and get back over 5000 websites to click on, I think a new addition never hurt anyone.  With that said…

  1. The person (or persons) who do not bother learning how to use a machine prior to hopping on, adjusting it, and going nuts.  This not only can lead to a serious injury, it will also possibly make that person no longer want to work out.
  2. I’m sorry, did a woman actually tell you that your bulging veins that look like they’re about to blow at any given moment are sexy?  No?  Then please stop flexing around every woman at the gym.  We don’t necessarily find it attractive when we’re in the middle of our own routine and there you are flexing.  No, just no.
  3. Why do you suddenly feel the need to race me when you hop on the elliptical right next to me?  I don’t understand.  Do you suddenly feel the need to catch up to me?  Dude, it’s not impressive when I’m really not going that fast and you feel the need to begin sprinting….Possibly to out-run me?  I don’t want to witness someone passing out on cardio equipment, I really don’t.
  4. Get off your damn phone! What could you possibly need to discuss while you are at the gym?!  Trust me when I say that Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and LOL Cats will all still be there when you wrap up your workout.  The internet does not suddenly disappear the second you hop on the treadmill or begin lifting weights.  And that gossip your friend just HAS to tell you RIGHT NOW?  Yeah, that can wait, too.
  5. No, she is not spreading her legs during part of her routine in hopes that she will wind up in the same bed as you later. 
  6. Without fail, I always see at least two people at the gym that do not wipe down their machines after using them.  No one wants your sweat and germs.  It smells and it’s gross.  People who do not wipe down their machines after usage, really really annoy me.  I always make a mental note to wipe down every single machine that I use, whether I sweated a ton of or not. 
  7. Last but not least: Why do some parents feel the need to bring their child to the gym?  What pisses me off more is the fact that the gym occasionally allows children in there!  I believe the rule states no one 16 and under but depending on who is working the desk at the time, you can sometimes run into a 10 year old.  10 year olds do not reach most of the machines.  Leave them at home with someone!  Even if I liked kids, I would still say this.  And I would say it often.

I am not a personal trainer by any means.  I don’t maintain a perfect diet.  I don’t go to the gym and train hours upon hours each day.  However, I do try to maintain some basic gym etiquette and honestly, I think I do a pretty good job at doing so.  We are all there for roughly the same reason: To be healthy.  I could continue with this list but I think I got my point across with the help of some memes.  See you at the gym…But not the locker room.

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8 Responses to The People You Meet at the Gym

  1. Monique says:

    You left out the person that wears the same thing to the gym every day for months and smells like ass.

  2. kdubarry18 says:

    I have dealt with these people before, sadly; and I’ve dealt with someone else that was left out of this list: the one person that constantly stares you down to make you feel unwanted. To answer any questions, yes: I would love to see that person get owned by that woman in that picture (and have him wind up in a bed not next to her). 🙂

  3. People on the phone at the gym is one of my biggest pet peeve!!

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