Blair’s Hot Sauce

A few years ago, a former coworker introduced me to Blair’s Ultimate Death Sauce.  Me being a person who loves anything spicy, I asked if I could try it.  He warned me how HOT it truly is, but me being a smart ass, I took more than I should have.  Whoa!  My mouth had a slow burn going through it within a matter of seconds.  It wasn’t a painful burn, by any means, but it sure was hot!  Now….That was the regular hot sauce that they offer.  I later graduated to their hotter sauces.  My most recent discovery was Blair’s After Death Sauce.  This sauce comes packaged in a casket with a skull keychain hanging around the neck of the bottle.  Yes, it’s that intense.  Yes, it also has a red warning label on the box and the bottle itself.

I apologize for the watermark that I am only now noticing.  Whoops!  With that said, this stuff is intense.  It is made strictly for cooking, not to be used as a condiment.  I’m someone who loads up slices of pizza with Cholula and/or Tabasco but I don’t load any food up with Blair’s!  I definitely suggest buying a bottle just to try.  You’ll see on their website (below) that they even warn you at the top of the site to be careful with this stuff.

I may start doing product reviews more often.  I tend to use a lot of brands and whatnot that not many people are too familiar with.  I enjoy experimenting with ingredients that could possibly make a food taste good, if not better.

Blair’s Hot Sauce

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