How to Not Piss Everyone Off on an Airplane

As someone who flys (or flies.  tomato, to-mah-to) fairly frequently, I have started to make an ongoing list of things that passengers do before, during, and after the flight that bothers the people around them.  Here are just a few examples of “habits” that certain passengers have developed and have caused me a headache or three.

  1. Let’s begin with TSA.  There are signs all over the place while waiting in the security checkpoint line; Pay attention to them!  If they say, “remove belts” then do it!  I do not understand why some people still do not understand that you need to remove your belt, empty your pockets, and slip off your shoes.  Just do it.
  2. Worried that you’re not going to find something suitable to eat in-flight? Buy food within the terminal prior to boarding!  Granted not all terminals provide the best (or healthiest) options but it’s better than going hungry and bitching 2 hours into your flight about how you’re famished.  FYI, airlines such as Virgin America and Jet Blue offer decent options when it comes to food.
  3. If the “fasten seatbelt” sign is illuminated during the flight and there is turbulence, why do you still feel the need to get up and head to the back to go pee?  I understand we all have bladders (hopefully) and after consuming some liquids we need to relieve ourselves, but if they are telling you to stay seated then do just that!  Is it uncomfortable? Yes.  But I also don’t want (nor need) you possibly falling on me or someone else.  Kthnx.
  4. If your child constantly misbehaves at home, at school, in the grocery store, etc. they should probably not be flying.  I understand sometimes you HAVE to fly (emergencies and whatnot) but don’t reward your brat by taking them to Disney World and making the rest of us suffer.  On the other hand, if your child is well-behaved during the in-flight experience, definitely bring them along.  I actually like kids that know how to fly and have proper airplane etiquette. 
  5. Please be mindful of your fellow passengers.  Yes, sometimes we get sick right before a plane ride and no, the recycled air definitely does not help, however, please refrain from hacking up your lungs onto me.  Also, if you’re nodding off, please don’t use my shoulder as a head rest.  Trust me, I have bony shoulders and you drooling all over my nice new top is just going to make me irate. 
  6. We all have luggage while traveling.  Sometimes we check it *twitch*, other times we bring a carry-on.  There is a reason the in-flight team tells you to have the wheels or handle facing out.  This means please do not put your luggage in the overhead compartment horizontally.  This takes away space from a fellow passenger that may need that space for their own bag.  Just don’t do it.  Follow instructions.

There are many more of these I could add, however, I think these get the job done in regard to what not to do while you’re flying.  If you follow these tips, I guarantee no one will have an issue with you during your experience.  Now excuse me while I decide how to use the last of my vacation days.

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5 Responses to How to Not Piss Everyone Off on an Airplane

  1. Adrian says:

    lol! Loved the Wolvie pic. But yes the baggage has ALWAYS been an issue in terms of others hogging space.

  2. AirportsMadeSimple says:

    Reblogged this on AirportsMadeSimple.

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