Fozzy 08-31-2012

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, I’m a pretty big wrestling fan.  I used to watch it a lot more than I currently do, however, I’m still a fan.  My favorite wrestler being Chris Jericho.  It might have something to do with the blonde hair (I have a thing for blondes).  Regardless, Chris has a band by the name of Fozzy and I always try to catch one of their shows when they’re in town.  There is a funny story that I could share from my first Fozzy show back in 2005 but we’ll save that for some other time.  Fozzy was at the Gramercy Theatre last night and I was lucky enough to catch them live yet again!  Unfortunately, even with a new battery and charger, my point and shoot died and they don’t allow SLRs so I had to resort to my phone (which takes good photos but it’s not the same as a camera, ya know?).

Not the best quality but hey at least it’s something!  Now comes the biggest decision of them all (sort of); do I buy a new point and shoot or send this one to Nikon to be repaired?  I kind of hate walking around without a camera so I’m thinking I’ll just spend the money on a whole new one.  Decisions, decisions.

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