Skin Care Discovery

One of my features that I pride myself on is my skin.  Over the years I have discovered more and more new products that have helped my skin.  A lot of these products are all-natural and/or organic.  While I refuse to buy only organic fruits and veggies (I don’t see the benefit, TBH), I will buy organic skin care products since I have seen a major improvement by using them.  I visited a craft fair yesterday and of course stumbled upon another skin care line, this one by the name of Amepha’s Organic.  

The lady running the booth (I’m guessing that’s Amepha), offered to give me a demo of her scrubs.  I tried to the oatmeal one and instantly fell in love.  She finished my hands off with some coconut milk cream and the smell of the coconut instantly sold me.  I also bought a coffee lip balm because not only does it instantly hydrate your lips (that’s a major issue of mine), but it also smells like espresso!  Yes, I do enjoy walking around and smelling coffee for a good period of time.

Definitely check out Amepha’s!  You won’t be disappointed.

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