FNO ’12

Every year, to kick off Fashion Week, New York (and a few other cities) have Fashion’s Night Out.  Fashion’s Night Out consists of various events at various designer stores around the city.  Some offer gift bags, goodies, food, drinks, etc.  There are also several celebrities that attend.  The FNO website even lets you put together your itinerary so you know where you want to go in advance.  It’s a very cool set-up and a great chance to see new products and whatnot.  While as far as fashion goes I stick with cosmetics and purses, I still decided to attend this year because why not?  Below are some photos I took during my night out.

One of the biggest “shopping bags” I have ever seen

Then I found a bigger one…

Tommy Hilfiger. I’m not a fan of his but it was still pretty cool to see him there.

A dance party in Herald Square

On the Bebe window

My new favorite cosmetics company! Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!

This is what happens when I play with pigments for too long

Free vegan cupcakes!

I would say the best find of the evening was Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  They are 100% vegan and their staff is amazingly friendly.  And who doesn’t love a place that provides free cupcakes?

The downside of FNO?  SoHo.  It was a disaster zone.  I think people honestly forgot how to walk while they were there.  Oh well….








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