Childhood Halloween Costumes

I like to think of myself as a kid at heart.  While I tend to be the “mother” of the group when a bunch of us go out, I also like to let loose a bit and let my childish side run free.  I do it all in a responsible matter (except on my birthday, but that will be saved for another blog post at another time) but I refuse to be stern and uptight about every.little.thing.  Where am I going with this?  Well, the point of this particular post is that I love Halloween.  November 1st hits and I begin thinking of plans for the following year, whether it be decorations, costumes, or parties to attend.  Some people take Christmas seriously, that’s Halloween to me.

Recently I have noticed more and more Facebook friends posting photos of themselves in Halloween costumes when they were either babies, toddlers, or children.  After fishing through my Photobucket account, I came across a photo of when I was one year old.  The photo below speaks for itself:

So what if I couldn’t actually fly or anything fancy like that?  It was still a cute costume, and while I don’t remember it, I have photos to go by.  My father also was (and still is) a photographer so there was always a camera nearby.  Good luck trying to sneak out of the house in your costume without having a photo taken of you.

I would love to see some of your “old school” Halloween costumes.  I had a sweet Pink Ranger (Power Rangers) costume, too.  Maybe I’ll post that if I can track it down.  Happy (almost) Halloween!

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2 Responses to Childhood Halloween Costumes

  1. bensonyee says:

    Remember the old costumes that came in cardboard boxes, and like, there was a cheap, thin plastic mask and a onesie plastic outfit?

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