Things I Have Learned from Hurricane Sandy

As I mentioned in my previous post, the east coast was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy.  Since then, my home has been without electric and therefore I have been living like a refugee (just like the song).  Luckily, any friends with power have opened their homes to me so I can steal their wifi have heat and not freeze while I sleep.  Of course, Hurricane Sandy’s effects are no laughing matter but I do try to find the humor in everything.  Below is a list I compiled of various things I have “learned” since this hurricane.

  1. There are some really great people in this world who will open their homes to you, without you ever even asking.
  2. Communities (especially New Yorkers) come together in times of crisis….Most of the time….
  3. Which leads me to number 3; New Yorkers also go nuts over filling a tank of gas.  People are pulling axes and guns over gasoline.  Not cool.
  4. I do my makeup really well in the dark with only the aid of candlelight.
  5. I am grateful that my office has power so during the week I have a place to charge my phone and absorb some heat.
  6. I must have excellent night vision because I can walk almost anywhere when it’s pitch-black outside and almost always not come back with a bruise.
  7. El Bloombito is the only valuable news source.
  8. Chris Walken Andrew Cuomo kicks ass and takes names.
  9. CNN only cares about Romney, not the people suffering from this natural disaster.
  10. LIPA sucks, ConEd does not suck.
  11. Be grateful for warm water and the gym offering showers.

I will do my Foodie PenPals Post….Soon.  Unfortunately I think two of the items I was sent went bad due to living out of a cooler at home, rather than a fridge.  Luckily, where I typically stay in the city has electric and hot water again so I do have my own place to go, although staying with friends tends to be more fun.

Stay safe, everyone!  And remember to turn back your clocks (even though you should have already!).

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4 Responses to Things I Have Learned from Hurricane Sandy

  1. Phil says:

    Great post! I agree with all. You should have stayed with all of us on the UES during the week! I also posted my experiences from yesterday. Minus the bleeding.

  2. thehungrymum says:

    Can’t imagine what you’re going through. Good to hear that you’re safe [and your sense of humour remains]. Take it easy.

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