October Foodie PenPals (finally!)

Power has been restored.  I no longer have to run around from place to place.  I can eat real food again.  Life is good.  I had been meaning to post this on November 1st, however, thanks to a certain storm that was impossible to do.  Unfortunately, also due to that storm, I was unable to eat all the goodies that Melissa from Bacon Runner had sent me.  Below is a review of the goodies I DID get to eat.  They were yummy!

  1. Pretzels: Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of these because 1) my memory is shot since the storm and 2) the photo isn’t helping.  But they were so good!  Bite-size pretzels that weren’t super-salty.
  2. Herdlocher’s Dipping Mustard: This is by far the best mustard I have ever tasted!   I’m usually not big on traditional mustard so I was unsure what to expect when I found this goodie inside the box.  I was not disappointed!  It’s tangy, and sweet, and goes with everything.  I originally snacked on it with the pretzels but eventually started spreading it on sandwiches and such.
  3. The Granola Factory Granola: I love granola.  It’s the perfect on the go snack.  I also love munching on it while at work.  This granola was absolutely fantastic.  It was pure and didn’t taste like it was full of sugar and other unnatural nastiness.
  4. Nature Bar in California Almond: I had never had a Nature Bar prior to this box.  I will definitely be buying more.  These are sweet but in a natural way and they fill you up.  The perfect morning or mid-afternoon snack.

Unfortunately, I was unable to try the rest in the box.  The cashews are definitely still good so I’ll be eating those once I’ve settled in a bit more.  The jam is probably not good after everything in my fridge went bye-bye after the storm.  The tea I will definitely have to try.  And I loved the pack of playing cards that Melissa threw in.  I’m really good at Solitaire.  No, really I am.

So what’s a Foodie PenPal? FoodiePenPals is a program that Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean set-up.  On the 5th day of each month, you are assigned a PenPal.  This person can be anywhere in the United States (unless you’re registered as international).  You then swap dislikes, likes, food allergies, etc. and by the 15th of that same month, you have to send a box to your PenPal.  The box has to include a handwritten note, this can be a recipe, a quick hello, anything.  On the final day of that month, you type up a blog post going over what you received.  It’s a fun program and after only two months in, I definitely want to continue.  Simply click on the hyperlink (above) and register.  You get to meet a lot of great people and eat lots of things you typically wouldn’t get to try.

I’ll be more active now that I can stay in one place again!  Promise!

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4 Responses to October Foodie PenPals (finally!)

  1. filbio says:

    Very cool. Won’t jam stay good as long as it’s not opened?

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