Hostess, Don’t Go!

I’m sure everyone by now has heard that Hostess is going out of business.  This is a sad, sad day for those of us who grew up on Twinkies.  Okay, allow me to rephrase that: Those of us who had Twinkies as a junk food from time to time.  How about those who looked forward to two slices of Wonder Bread during lunchtime?  Oh, and Drake’s Cakes!  I, personally, always loved the fruit pies.  They were the perfect size and great if you popped them in the freezer for a few minutes before you ate them.

I know this post seems rather silly but you cannot deny that Hostess has been all over the news and the internet today.  In a way, Hostess has played an important role in some lives.  When you wanted something sweet and cheap and easily accessible, you may have picked up a Hostess product.  I think everyone has had a Hostess product at least once in their life.  I can even say that I love their products even though I, myself, don’t have much of a sweet tooth.  Yes, I do bake.  Yes, I consider myself a not too shabby baker.  Yes, I do eat one slice of a cake I bake, or a cupcake.  But if you expect me to sit and devour a ton of sweets all at once, well then you’re out of your damn mind.  I remember the first time I had a fried Twinkie at a feast.  My goodness, I was in love.  It was the perfect portable cake.  And I hate fried foods.

On a more serious note, the closing of Hostess also means the loss of many jobs.  As someone who has been in jeopardy of losing their job due to the possibility of a company going under before: Trust me when I say it’s not a fun feeling.  While on one hand I do feel bad for those folks who are losing their jobs, on the other hand I can only feel so bad.  If you’re on a strike, and the company threatens to close if the strike doesn’t end, why continue the strike?  Maybe I’m missing key details here but the way I understand it is, go back to work.  No job is far worse than your entire company closing and having nowhere to go back to once all is said and done.

What is your favorite Hostess treat?  How do you feel about them shutting their doors?  Oh, and before I forget, there is the possibility of other companies grabbing some of the products.  Twinkies might live on.


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10 Responses to Hostess, Don’t Go!

  1. filbio says:

    LOL! I knew one of you would put up a Twinkies post! I do feel sad for people losing jobs. Seems like both sides were not looking to budge.

  2. marisaporter says:

    But only 5,000 went on strike, and 19,000 lost their jobs. Talk about unfair!

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