Why You Should Celebrate Your Birthday at Ricardo Steakhouse

Earlier this year, a few friends discovered Ricardo Steakhouse in Spanish Harlem.  We scheduled a dinner of sorts for a bunch of us there soon after so we would all have the opportunity to check it out first hand.  Let me start off by saying this: You will not leave Ricardo’s sober.

Both times I’ve been there, I have been lucky enough to hear quite a few birthday celebrations.  This most recent visit included two friends with birthdays in the month of November.  When it is someone’s birthday here, you get shots….Okay….Well, you get shots regardless.  I think we’ve been setting a new record high every time we visit.  The time before last was 5 shots (all free) and this time we had at least 6 or 7 free shots.  Crazy stuff!  They also play a birthday-related song for you.  This can be 50 Cent’s rendition or a bit more of a classic.  Do not come here if you do not want to dance while eating and drinking.

Above are two of the desserts the birthday girls received.  All followed by a shot and a song.  Definitely stop by Ricardo’s if you have a chance.  You will not be disappointed.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!  Be merry and eat and drink and watch football.

Ricardo Steakhouse: 2145 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10029/ (212) 289-5895

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2 Responses to Why You Should Celebrate Your Birthday at Ricardo Steakhouse

  1. filbio says:

    I am so glad you all like this place! What a great time! Let’s go back!

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