Thoughts on the 12-12-12 Concert


Last night was the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief.  I’m typically not one to tune into these sorts of shows, however, the line-up looked awesome so I could not resist.  It literally looked like a line-up my parents would come up with (and that is not a bad thing since my parents have a great taste in music).  Below are some of my thoughts on the concert.  Yes, some of these thoughts are a bit funny and sarcastic but at the end of it all, this concert was for a great cause and will help a ton of people in need.

  1. Bruce Springsteen is the same age as my father.  I would still have a one night stand with Bruce Springsteen, provided I ever had the chance and 1) if I were single and 2) if he were single.
  2. Jon Bon Jovi is a tiny man on TV.  I have seen Bon Jovi many a time in concert, however, this was one of the rare times I saw them perform while I sat in my living room snacking away on cashews.
  3. Adam Sandler’s version of “Hallelujah” was epic.  I typically can’t stand Adam Sandler but this was too funny not to mention.
  4. Roger Waters still puts on a great show.  The Wall freaked me out as a child but I didn’t mind it last night.
  5. Eddie Vedder needs to quit mumbling all the time.  I get that’s his “thing” but it’s never been mine and probably explains why I have never been much of a Pearl Jam fan.
  6. Alicia Keys normally has a beautiful voice but last night she sounded horrific.  I wanted to get a lozenge to her….Stat.
  7. The Who played for far too long and sounded terrible, as well.  I am a fan of theirs but last night was just not their night.  Good on them for showing up for a wonderful cause but damn.
  8. The Rolling Stones only played 2 songs?  I get they just played what was apparently an awesome show at that other arena but come on?  2 songs?!
  9. Chris Martin…Ehhhhh we’ll pass on him.  Oh but Michael Stipe stopped by?  Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT bad.
  10. Paul McCartney is a legend but playing with the two remaining members of Nirvana just seemed….Wrong to me.
  11. Billy Joel absolutely stole the show in my eyes.  The man showed Alicia Keys how to play piano, sing beautifully, and not leave his piano bench once.  He still sounds the same way he did when Piano Man came out, and that’s a good thing.  I’m also biased with this particular opinion because Billy and I were both born in the same place and raised in the same place.  Bam.
  12. Kristen Stewart was going for a jog around Midtown after the show, that’s good to know.
  13. I love Jon Stewart.  I want to pack him in my purse and take him everywhere I go.
  14. Jeremy Piven totally should have answered when I called in.  So should have Mark Messier.
  15. No Jay Z.  People are surprised by this.  I’m not surprised one bit.  He probably hates The Garden now.
  16. Kanye West accidentally took one of Kim’s outfits.

In all seriousness, this was a fantastic show.  I know a few people have said it could have been better and yes, it did last forever but again, it went to a great cause.  Usually these telethon-type events bore me to tears and I just call, donate, and don’t watch but this one was compelling.  I think because it featured a lot of great acts that I grew up on and still appreciate to this day.  If you are interested in getting involved, please follow this link.  They are still accepting donations and as someone who personally donates A LOT to various charities, I think it would be awesome if you could, too.  Go catch this show if you missed it last night.

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4 Responses to Thoughts on the 12-12-12 Concert

  1. Phil says:

    This is a great post reviewing the show. #16 was funny! #1 made me gag a bit, but he is great. Chris Martin sucks. Overall I have seen so many mixed reviews. Glad you enjoyed it and it was for a good cause. #10 was just weird.

  2. thank you! but i haven’t take the pictures

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