Hello There, 2013

I just realized I have not updated since NYE.  My apologies.  Things were a bit crazy this past week between actually celebrating New Years and trying to get back into the swing of things at work.  Not much has happened besides those two things.  The only thing I can mention is that as a New Yorker, I cannot wait for these damn tourists to leave the city!  For example, I was on the shuttle that runs between Times Square and Grand Central on New Years Day.  We pulled into the Times Square station and everyone proceeded to begin leaving the train except for a small group standing directly in front of me.  They proceeded to say, “We’re staying on until the next stop.”  I replied with, “The next stop is Grand Central, where we just came from.  This is a shuttle train.”  They snapped back, “No, it’s not.”  Oh okay.  I scooted around them and left the train.

With that said, I’ll be thrilled once most of the tourists are gone.  They can all return in the summer and complain about the humidity.  I love traveling, I love exploring new cities, but I know how to act in public.  I also rely heavily on Google Maps when I travel to a new destination so I don’t look like a complete jackass in public.  Wait….Is this my first ever “rant” blog post?  It might just be!

I’ll try to have a new recipe by the end of the next week.  Don’t forget I am now on Facebook!  Go like me!

Any resolutions for the new year?  Please don’t say the gym.  I love working out but newbies at the gym just because it’s the new year really, truly annoy me.

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4 Responses to Hello There, 2013

  1. filbio says:

    Love it! Glad to see that you hate tourists as much as me. I also love how you crossed over to the dark side with a blog rant. Welcome! We have cookies!

  2. Laura says:

    I love tourists but only when they get out my way so I can conquer the NYC streets without them stopping halfway to take pictures. 😀

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