The Best Shopping Websites For When You Don’t Want To Pay Full Price

Shopping Bags!

Holy long blog title, Batman!  I tried to condense the title to this post, however, nothing else that came to mind really worked out so well.

Anyone who knows me on a personal level can and will tell you that I’m frugal.  I wouldn’t go as far to say I’m cheap but I definitely look for the best deals.  The issue that comes along with this is that I also prefer nicer brands, labels, etc.  I adore designer makeup (as mentioned in my previous beauty products post), I love designer bags, and I buy pricey skincare.  My secret?  I rarely, if ever, pay full-price for any of those items.  How?  I educate myself as often as possible using the most powerful resource of them all: The Internet.  I search for product sample sites, sample clothes and shoes sites, and a whole bunch of other websites that offer wonderful daily deals on what can be pricey products.  Below is a list I have compiled of some of my favorite sites to poke around on.

  • Birchbox: Birchbox is a site I discovered when they were still brand spanking new.  For only a few bucks a month, you get large samples of new beauty products that are set to match your beauty profile.  Some of the samples I have received are items I eventually bought full-sizes of and now swear by.
  • Beyond The Rack: Beyond The Rack is my favorite resource for cheap shoes and clothes.  I discovered Bucco (a great Italian footwear designer) through them and their deals are insane!  They often have sales on more popular brands such as Chinese Laundry, BCBG, Coach, etc.  They are a great site if you want high-end items for less!
  • Haute Look: Haute Look is my second favorite site for shoes and clothes.  They don’t have as many deals as BTR, however, the deals they do have are absolutely fantastic.  They also often have skin care deals on some of my favorite lines such as Mario Badescu and Michael Todd.
  • Bag Borrow Or Steal: Bag Borrow Or Steal is a site that I also discovered when they were still up and coming.  For years they have helped me accessorize for weddings and other events.  For a monthly fee, you can get designer jewelry and/or purses that you can either use everyday or for a special event.  Then you print a label from their website and send it back when you’re done!
  • No More Rack: No More Rack was a site that I was skeptical of at first. They have “insanity deals” where you can potentially score a diamond tennis bracelet for $9.00.  No, I am not joking.  There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that lead to extraordinary low prices on such items.  Are they the highest quality?  Absolutely not.  Are they worth it if you want something pretty for almost nothing?  Definitely!
  • Living Social: Living Social isn’t much of a shopping website, however, they do offer excellent deals on adventures, vacations, restaurants, and beauty services.  I typically use them to try out new places when I do not want to pay full-price especially on a meal.
  • Groupon: Groupon is a site very similar to Living Social.  They are great for also discovering new places, especially when it comes to restaurants.
  • Goldstar: Goldstar is a site I discovered when I saw friends making events where you could RSVP through the Goldstar website and get tickets seated besides your friends (depending upon availability).  I have used them for plenty of get togethers and movie package deals.
  • Buy is a great website for when you’re looking for a specific item for less.  They may not offer everything you are looking for but their selection is huge regardless.  I have used them for many gifts and they are quick with shipping as well as cheap.
  • Ebates: Ebates is the site I have saved as the best for last.  I swear by this website!  How does it work?  You set up an account (and get a gift card on the house because of it!), find the store you want to buy from, click it once, and shop!  Once you purchase your items, and checkout, Ebates registers this through their website and accumulates money that will eventually be sent to you via check or via PayPal Account.  This is done on a quarterly basis, which allows plenty of time for you to accumulate money.  They also offer higher percentages cash-back around the holidays, when they know you’ll be shopping a lot more.

I do have reference codes if you would like to sign up through me!  Shoot me an email at and I’ll send you a code or an email invitation!

New recipe tomorrow?

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11 Responses to The Best Shopping Websites For When You Don’t Want To Pay Full Price

  1. Phil says:

    Great overview of all these websites. I gotta tell Stacey about these. Especially Birchbox.

  2. Monique says:

    i have gone apeshit over nomorerack and ebates- you rock!

  3. Thanks for the tips and the list. Happy shopping! 🙂

  4. AstroGremlin says:

    Paying too much means you don’t get to shop as much. I’m so thrifty, I get excited when I get a deal.

  5. pintodesoza says:

    Nice Post .Thanks for Tips and list of best shopping websites.

  6. Your method of explaining everything in this post is truly nice, all can easily understand it, Thanks a lot.

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