Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

Even though I am not a beauty blogger, I felt like doing this survey of sorts because 1) I’m bored and 2) I like to “spread the word” about different beauty products that I use.  Enjoy!

❤ Skincare:

How many times you wash your face daily?
Once.  At night only.  When I used to wash twice a day, I would break out every other day.
What skin type do you have?
In the summer, oily.  Rest of the year, combination.
What is your current facial wash?
DHC or Juara Rice Facial Cleanser
Do you exfoliate?
Yes, twice a week with Mario Badescu’s strawberry exfoliator.  It is made with real strawberries so the scent is VERY strong but lovely.
What moisturizer are you using?
Juara Black Tea and Rice Moisturizer
Do you use eye cream?
Yes, Michael Todd’s eye cream for sensitive eyes
Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
I have cystic acne that, luckily, only pops up when I’m stressed.  I had pretty severe acne when I was 13, though

❤ Makeup:

What foundation do you use?

In the summer, I only use Urban Decay tinted moisturizer.  The rest of the year I use MAC Studio Fix or MAC Mineralized Foundation
How about concealer?
MAC Studio Finish
Do you know your undertone colour?
What do you think of fake eyelashes?
I hate them.  I wore them once to a high school dance and ripped them off halfway through.  I haven’t worn them since
What brand of mascara do you use?
Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara
Sephora or MAC?
I hate you.  Next question
Do you have a MAC Pro-card?
I have access to one
Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?
Yes, Lorac makes the best eyeshadow primer.  UD’s Primer Potion did jack shit for my eyes
For the face?
No.  I used to use Smashbox, and it is great, but I hate the feeling of NO texture whatsoever on my skin
What is your favorite eyeshadow? (colour or shade?)
Color? Oh man….MAC’s Satellite Dreams is a shade that I feel doesn’t get nearly enough love.  It’s a beautiful shade of purple and it blends seamlessly
Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
Pencil for my water line, liquid in pen form for my lids (Eyeko makes a great pen liquid liner)
What’s your favorite lipstick?
Buxom (shade: Brooklyn).  Their lipstick actually helps keep your lips hydrated and healthy without your hair sticking to them
Do you like drugstore makeup?
I love NYX and that is considered drugstore makeup so technically, yes.  But not for foundation, never that
Did you ever consider taking makeup classes?
Yes, and I almost did during a brief time when I was unemployed
Name a makeup crime that you hate?
Sharpie eyebrows and lipliner.  This is not 1990, gals
Which celebrity always has great makeup?
Christina Ricci’s skin always looks flawless and Angelina Jolie has the perfect lips for nearly any lipstick shade

If you could leave the house using just one makeup item, what would you use?

Black eyeliner

Could you ever leave the house without any makeup?
Yes, I do to go to the gym or run quick errands
What do you think of makeup? I love it.  It allows you to temporarily enhance your looks and allows you to have fun with the capability of “erasing” any mistakes you may have made

How many hours a week do you spend writing/editing posts?
I try to update at least every 5 days
When is it easiest for you to blog?
Late at night.  Keep in mind, late for me is 9 PM
What makes writing behind the computer comfortable for you?
It gets to everyone who gives a shit about reading my silly little blog 🙂
How long does it take for you to prep a post?
Not very long. I’m a fast typist and my brain just spits our whatever I want to say at that moment
Who is a blogger that you read who deserves more readers?
Everyone deserves more readers.  If someone is taking their time and energy to write for you, the public, then at least give them the time of day and read some of what they’ve wrote

Btw it’s 7:30 PM here in New York, and I am absolutely exhausted.

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6 Responses to Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

  1. filbio says:

    Damn, you are a beauty and makeup ho! That is a lot of detailed beauty info!

  2. ooooh i love this! I think I’m going to do one too 🙂

  3. btw loving your blog!

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