February Foodie PenPal!

Another month, another Foodie PenPal.  I have really become hooked on this program.  It’s a fun way to meet new people all around the country and to try out all sorts of new goodies.  So what is this Foodie PenPal program I speak of?  On the 5th of every month, Lindsay sends out a spreadsheet of the matches for that particular month.  You then contact your PenPal, find out their likes, dislikes, food allergies, etc. and send them some snacks you think they’d like by the 15th of that same month.  Then on the last day of the month, you post a blog entry about what you received.  Who you send to is NOT who you receive from.  It’s fun.

My PenPal this month was Tami.  Tami made sure to include a photo of an apple on her letter to me in honor of her being located in Washington (the apple state).  I thought it was a cute touch.

Goodies from Washington!


  1. Fidalgo Coffee: Tami sent this over since it is made locally and everyone knows that some of the best coffee comes from Washington.  I have yet to try this (sad to say) but I’m excited to give it a whirl!
  2. Fruit Leather: This particular fruit leather is also made locally in WA.  It was extremely tasty and didn’t taste artificial like some leathers do.
  3. Pepitas: Pepitas are a favorite of mine.  They were great in soups I threw together and I would love to give them a shot in a salad sometime.
  4. Kind Bars: I am a HUGE fan of Kind Bars.  I’m particular to the almond/apricot one.  They are fruit bars made out of fruit YOU CAN SEE, as well as real nuts!  Leave that fake noise at home.
  5. Plantain Chips: I have a confession to make:  I love plantain chips.  I constantly buy bags of these and mindlessly snack on them.  They’re healthy, tasty, and good for on the go people such as myself.
  6. Brown Rice Cous Cous: I love when cous cous is made correctly.  I feel as though many people make it incorrectly, and that makes me sad.  This particular brand was very, very tasty and I would love to buy more.
  7. Vegan “Beef” Jerky: In my original email to Tami, I said I’m not much of a jerky fan since I try to stay away from beef and the texture weirds me out.  She took this opportunity to track down a vegan version of jerky (go ahead, carnivores, roll your eyes).  This turned out being REALLY good.  It was chewy like the real stuff and very tasty.  It had a nice, smokey aftertaste which I also enjoyed.  I would definitely buy this again.
  8. Sweet Potato and Blue Corn Chips: I love sweet potatoes.  These were tasty.  The blue corn chips were also a nice touch.  I’m a fan of blue corn anything so this was loved.

I hope to return with a new recipe or post soon.  Life has been busy at the moment.

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4 Responses to February Foodie PenPal!

  1. filbio says:

    It’s always cool to see what you get in these surprise packs. I like everything in this one! Is there a certain dollar amount that must be spent?

  2. Must Have Boxes says:

    This is a fabulous idea. I’m a foodie too and I totally want to join.


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