I have returned from California!!  While I wish I was still there, I have obligations here in New York so here I am.  I wish I had more things to take photos of while in the LA area, however, I have been there so frequently in the past few years that I have been left with little, to nothing, to take new photos of.  The perk of LA, though is the fact that they are not as much of a hockey town as NY is.  Therefore hockey tickets for the hometown LA Kings can be as cheap as $7 a ticket!  How can one pass that up?  I’m a Rangers fan through and through but hockey for less than $10?  Sign me up.  The Staples Center is nice enough to let everyone go up to the glass during warm ups.  This means you can watch the hockey players skate around and practice a bit.  This was a very cool (literally) and loud experience.  Below are a few photos I took.  Enjoy.

DSCN0107 Up Close DSCN0098 DSCN0096 DSCN0095


Now I don’t usually share personal photos of myself (or most of the people in my life), however, two Ranger fans at a LA Kings game just had to be shared with all of you….

This is what happens....


And just because the Staples Center is insanely pretty and has always been a favorite venue of mine.

So pretty....


I hope you enjoyed the photos and if you ever have the chance, definitely stop by The Staples Center for either a hockey game or anything, really.  To wrap up this entry: I hope you all have a SAFE St. Patrick’s Day.  Don’t drink and drive, don’t do anything stupid, and green beer isn’t worth the food coloring….Drink a regular beer, no one will judge you….Promise.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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2 Responses to Hockey!!

  1. What is this “hockey” thing you speak of? Who is that weird looking guy in your picture? Why drink green beer?

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