March Foodie PenPals!

Every month I participate in a program called Foodie PenPals.  What is this, you ask?  Foodie PenPals is a program where every month, anyone who signs up is assigned a PenPal.  You then have 72 hours to contact this person and find out their likes, dislikes, food allergies, etc.  You also ask for their mailing address.  In turn, someone else contacts you, requesting the same information.  Then you must pack up and send out a box by the 15th of that same month (penpals are assigned on the 5th of the month).  Everything must come to $15.  Then on the final day of the month (or in March’s case, the first day of April), you write a blog post about what you received (if you have a blog).  Got it?  Good.  My penpal this month was Steph.  Steph is located in Florida and sent me a ton of goodies to enjoy.

March Foodie Penpal


  1. Steph sent me a few locally made Teas.  I unfortunately have not had a chance to try these yet seeing as since they are locally made, they require a device I simply do not have.  Whomp.  But I am excited to give them a go.
  2. She also included Tea Honey which is apparently the perfect honey to use with tea.  I have been using this daily at work and it makes a world of a difference.  As someone who refuses to take sugar in ANYTHING they drink, this is amazing.
  3. Apple Butter.  I love apple butter. This was also locally made and  I have been using it just about every other day on toast, bread, bagels (if I allow myself to actually eat one), etc.  It is the perfect combo of tart and sweet.
  4. Strawberry Jam.  Also locally made.  This is amazing, as well.  I’m picky with berries but strawberries happen to be my favorite!  I have been putting this along with some carbs recently, too.
  5. I mentioned to Steph that I like nuts (har har).  She in turn sent me Glazed Almonds.  These are fantastic.  They are sweet on the outside but retain that lovely, smooth almond taste on the inside.
  6. Hazelnut Nut Thins.  I am actually a huge fan of Blue Diamond.  I buy a lot of their nut products but had never had their nut thins until recently.  These were very, very tasty and perfect for a light snack after a workout at the gym.

Every month I stress how fun this foodie penpals program is.  I definitely suggest it to anyone who loves trying out new foods, especially from new places (potentially).

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2 Responses to March Foodie PenPals!

  1. Phil says:

    Love apple butter. Great on rice cakes. She sent you a good box of stuff!

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