April Foodie PenPal

Every month I participate in a program called Foodie PenPals.  The program is run by Lindsay (The Lean Green Bean) and it consists of being assigned a penpal by the 5th of the month.  You then contact your penpal and find out their likes, dislikes, food allergies, etc. as well as their address.  Once you acquire this information you buy them $15 worth of goodies and send it by the 15th of the same month.  The person you send to is not the person you receive from.  Got it?  Good.

This month’s Foodie PenPal was Andrea.  She is from Wyoming and made sure to send me a bunch of goodies that she hoped I would enjoy.  I must say she packed everything up perfectly.  I was impressed.

Not the best picture.....

Not the best picture…..

The first thing I noticed in this package were the rum cakes.  They were amazing!  I love rum cakes and these were homemade, so they were extra tasty.  Unfortunately, I was kind of disappointed with almost all the other goodies I received.  I was hoping the bars would be similar to Luna Bars, but they were not and were honestly way too dry and chewy for my liking.  The 18 Rabbits bar was okay but was lacking in the taste department.  I did enjoy the coconut & almond bar, however, they were full of empty calories so I unfortunately will not be purchasing those in the future.  The almond butter was good, especially since I hate peanut butter.  Unfortunately, I think Andrea mis-read my email regarding my likes/dislikes because she did include a couple of items with chocolate and PB, both of which I dislike.  

Foodie PenPals is a great program and I highly suggest it if you want to possibly make a new friend and/or discover a new blog (if they have one).

I will have a new recipe up soon!  Promise!

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2 Responses to April Foodie PenPal

  1. Phil says:

    Whoops! Other than the rum cake this one as a big fail!

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