May Foodie PenPal

If you read this blog, then you already know I participate in the Foodie PenPals program each month, run by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean.  What is FPP, you ask?  Each month you are assigned a PenPal (this is on the 5th of said month).  You must contact this person within 72 hours and find out their likes, dislikes, food allergies, and mailing address.  By the 15th of that same month, you must send them a package of $15 worth of goodies for them to try out and later write about (unless they don’t have a blog).  It’s a fun program and a great opportunity to meet others from around the country.  I most definitely recommend it, especially if you love trying new snacks.

My FPP this month was Jessica.  Jessica had emailed me and asked for my likes and dislikes.  I had mentioned Greek and Thai food but in her note to me, she was unsure of many foods from either of those cultures.  She did great, though!

She packed it up so nice that I had to take a photo while it was still in the box!

She packed it up so nice that I had to take a photo while it was still in the box!

  1. Kalamata Olive Spead: I love olives.  I love Greek olives.  This was the first thing I opened.  I quickly found anything and everything to spread this stuff on.  SO GOOD.
  2. Curry Noodles: I have yet to try these but they look like they have the potential to be VERY tasty.
  3. Vanilla Bean Paste: I had mentioned that I like to bake and Jessica ran with it!  This stuff is amazing.  It’s a substitute for pure vanilla extract…And I like to put a ton of vanilla in whatever I bake.
  4. Multi-Seed Crackers: These are very yummy along with the kalamata olive spread.
  5. Kettle-Cooked Chips: These are asiago flavored and I really, really love cheese so they were an instant hit, in my book.  I’m almost done with them and I never, ever allow myself to eat chips.
  6. Seaweed Snacks: I’ll be honest, I’m afraid to try these.  While the packaging makes them look all nice and yummy, I just cannot get on board with seaweed anything.  I hate when it latches onto my foot at the beach and I absolutely despise sushi-anything.    I might have someone else give these a go and give me their opinion on them before I, myself, partake.  Still appreciated, though!

Overall, this FPP was a success….Especially compared to last month’s edition.  I’m going to eat some more of my olive spread now….Yes, at 6:30AM EST (don’t judge me).

Have a wonderful week, everybody!  There are still a few posts of mine that I need to beautify and publish so be on the lookout for those!

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2 Responses to May Foodie PenPal

  1. filbio says:

    You recieve some really eclectic stuff from these pen pals. I love sushi but also not into the dried seaweed thing either.

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