E&J XO Brandy

I am a huge fan of brandy.  It was one of the first liquors I really enjoyed.  This is why when I was asked by BzzAgent to review E&J XO Brandy, I jumped right on board!  The cool part of being a BzzAgent is that you receive rebate coupons that you later send in with the UPC code and proof of purchase.  This gives you the opportunity to try out something you may not have tried in the past and you don’t lose out on anything by doing so!

The first thing I picked up on about this brandy was the smell.  It smells delightful!  Have you ever opened a bottle of liquor and gagged?  Well, I have.  This was refreshing (if the smell of alcohol could ever be considered that?!).  I first tried this straight out of the bottle….Okay, sort of.  I poured it into a tasting glass.  It is extremely smooth!  The taste is flawless.  I was expecting some kind of funky aftertaste but that didn’t happen, which was a pleasant surprise.  I then decided to try it on the rocks even though I despise ice (I’ll drink warm soda before putting ice in a glass, true story).  I preferred it neat.  The ice, of course, diluted it a bit and I hate watered-down drinks.  Overall, this brandy is outstanding and doesn’t leave that burning sensation in your chest once you’re done enjoying it.  I definitely recommend it, especially if you’re like me (a lush) and enjoy something that will put hair on your chest minus the burn.


Not nearly as pretty as the promo image but yeah….

Disclaimer: I was asked by BzzAgent to review E&J XO Brandy.  All of the above comments are mine and mine only.  

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2 Responses to E&J XO Brandy

  1. filbio says:

    Yum. Brandy. Sounds like a good one. But warm soda? No ice? You are a weirdo.

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