11 Questions

I figured I may as well throw an update in here since 1) I still have been unable to bake due to the heat and 2) I have still been unable to do any photography due to the heat.  Notice a trend here?  Luckily, the heat appears to have subsided a bit thanks to some rain last night.  Praise Jeebus!  Anyway, I purposely didn’t follow the “rules” of this survey simply because I am a rebel and well, I’m just filling it out to spread my wisdom take away from my boredom.

1. What is your favorite book? The Fuck-Up.  I know the title makes you literally say, “what?!” but trust me, it’s an excellent book.  You’ll especially appreciate it if you are a born and raised New Yorker.  It is beautifully written in only a way a native New Yorker would write fiction.

2. What fashion trend do you wish would come back? Headbands.  I love headbands.

3. What is your signature scent? Coconut extract in oil form.  I refuse to wear perfumes due to them being so overpowering.

4. What is your ultimate essential beauty product that you would have a hard time being without? Black eyeliner, hands down.  I need to line my eyes!

5. What is your most wanted beauty item right now? The original Urban Decay tinted moisturizer that they no longer sell.  The new one is okay and gets the job done but it’s not my first love.

6. What ways do you try to build self-confidence? I constantly remind myself that under my tough outer shell, I’m a nice person who is always willing to go the extra mile for those I love.  Okay, that sounded like an interview answer.

7. What style of jewelry do you wear? None of my jewelry ever matches so this is difficult to answer.  I do try to stay away from yellow gold but my favorite necklace is on a yellow gold chain and I love it.

8. Do you have any embarrassing beauty habits? No?

9. What is your idea of the perfect date night? I haven’t been on a “date” as in “dating and getting to know you” in years (sorry, fellas, I’m taken) but probably somewhere we could eat and talk.  I like food and I like talking.  Doesn’t have to be fancy.

10. What motivates you to be your best? Watching people my age make stupid decisions.

11. What trends are you into right now? I’m not even sure what is considered a trend anymore so probably BB Creams.

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3 Responses to 11 Questions

  1. filbio says:

    #1 sounds like the title of some people we know. Headbands? I need my eyeliner too. Guy-liner!

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