I recently had the pleasure of attending a PR event for DOGSWELL LiveFree.  DOGSWELL is a company based in LA that produces premium dog and cat food.  The company prides themselves on creating food that is low glycemic and free of any corn, wheat, soy, or fillers.  At the moment, the company offers four different lines of food (LiveFree, Happy Hips, Vitality, and Nutrisca).  This particular event mainly focused on the newest line (LiveFree).  As a dog owner (and lover!) I absolutely had to attend this since I am always on the lookout for new and exciting products that I know my pups will love.  I also have a cat but she’s probably the pickiest feline in the world.

Turkey Recipe


As you’ll see from the photo above, DOGSWELL produces a no-frills, call ’em as you see ’em type of food.  Their food is packed with ingredients that will help your pup live a long, healthy life.  Most companies nowadays rely on fillers and such.  My dogs are either spoiled or just really enjoy fresh food since they turn their nose at food that really isn’t “food”.  They loved the turkey recipe from the LiveFree line.  I’m pretty sure they could tell right off the bat that what they were eating was the real deal.

Lamb RecipeThe next food from the line that I had my dogs try was the lamb stew recipe.  They, of course, gobbled this up, as well.  At times I truly believe my dogs eat better than I do and now luckily, thanks to a great brand such as DOGSWELL, they can always eat great!

Salmon RecipeI already knew the salmon recipe would be a hit before I even gave it to my dogs to try.  My dogs love fish, especially salmon, so I knew once this was ripped open and they smelled it nothing else would need to be done.  Sure enough, I was correct and they enjoyed every single piece of it.

We were also lucky enough to receive a few items from DOGSWELL’s other lines.  My shepherd loved the Happy Hips treats, and as a big dog she definitely needs help with her hips.  Another part of this brand that I (and my dogs) love is the fact that every line is holistic and made with real ingredients such as pumpkin, eggs, probiotics, and 11 fruits and vegetables.   We were also able to take home some food for my cat but as I mentioned earlier, she’s picky so she of course went back to what she typically eats.  The dogs did love everything, though.  My dogs love their vegetables (believe it or not) so the fact that there is an actual food, for them, out there that includes veggies….Consider us sold!

DOGSWELL LiveFree was just recently made available for purchase in August exclusively at independent retailers.  If you’re looking for a place nearby to get these for your pup, click here!  I would also like to thank Konnect Public Relations for allowing me to attend this wonderful event that both I, and my dogs, benefited from.  Are you on your way to grab some of this food yet?


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