Beauty Discovery: Cirese C. Skin Therapy

Every time I visit a local fair, I always try to discover a new soap/skincare vendor.  Recently I discovered Cirese C. Skin Therapy.  The first thing that got my attention wasn’t the pretty packaging, it was the smell.  There was a wonderful aroma coming from this particular space and I had to go over and see what it was all about.  The first thing I opened up to smell were the Body Butters.  I opened an almond one before any others simply because anything almond-scented wins me over every single time.  This body butter was no different.  The fragrance was light but still filled my nose with a wonderful almond scent.  Next I had to try some on my dry elbows.  It worked!  It wasn’t oily at all, didn’t leave a slick residue, and you only need the slightest amount to get your skin nice and moisturized.  

The next product I tried was the sea salt soak.  Cirese commented that these can either be used as actual soaks in the tub or as an exfoliant in the shower.  I’m not big on taking baths (something about sitting in your own filth….) so I bought a peppermint-scented one to use to exfoliate.  This worked great but the only issue is since they’re sugar-based, the crystals tend to stick together if you don’t use it regularly.  A little bit of fussing will get it to loosen up but it is still something that could use some fixing.  As an exfoliator it works great, though.  I can see what she means when she says that by soaking in it, it helps your muscles to relax.

This is definitely a great line of skincare products.  I will be on the lookout for them at upcoming fairs so I can perhaps try out a few other things.  The roll-on bug repellent is calling my name.  If you are interested in everything they have to offer, click here.  A great brand that deserves tons of recognition.  By the way, the body butter is also offered in various scents so if almond isn’t your thing, no worries.

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7 Responses to Beauty Discovery: Cirese C. Skin Therapy

  1. Awesome description! I almost smell the fragrances myself! And now I want to try something alike! Too bad fairs are established far from where I live whenever there is one.

  2. 203-818-8038 says:

    helllo, i am trying to reach the company, i tried the skin therapy it is the best, need the phone number where i can order it from or the company need shea butter beach. Help!
    Nellie Mann from connecticut.

  3. Nancy says:

    The products may be good, that is, if you can get them from Cirese. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM HER! YOU’LL NEVER SEE IT AND YOU’LL BE OUT YOUR MONEY! It happened to me! I bought several products at a fair and wanted something that was out of stock. Cirese took my money and said she’d send it with free shipping because I’d bought stuff at the fair. Nothing ever arrived. For months I tried to contact her – her contact info is on the label. The first time, she said, ‘I just made a new batch and I’m sending to you right away.’ The second time, she said “Oh, you just caught me as I’m running to the post office to mail your stuff.” FINALLY, when I threatened her reputation, she mailed me $14 (I don’t know what I paid her as she gave me no receipt) and acted like I”d done something horrible to her. BUYER BEWARE! (Her excuse is that ‘she’s busy’. Oh, and her stuff isn’t labeled, usually. She ‘hasn’t time to label anything’.)

  4. Luvelli says:

    I ordered some Christmas gifts from her on December 15th which I never received. I contacted her several times asking for tracking information but she never responded. I was very upset to open my credit card bill yesterday and see that she had put the charges through. I really like the lotion I bought from her at a street fair but this is a really shitty way to run a business.

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