My Skincare Routine

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Many people ask me all the time what products I use to keep my skin so clear.  I’ve been randomly stopped on the street, asked by friends, asked by family, everyone.  Even men have come up to me and asked how I keep it so clear.  My routine is actually pretty simple (even though I switch up my products a bit).  For the most part, I stick with products by Mario Badescu.  I was introduced to them via a sample a few years ago and since then they have become my go-to for anything skincare related.  Everything they sell is 1) not tested on animals, 2) very easy on your skin, and 3) they have something for everyone including all skin types.  I have since turned many people on to them and they have not looked back.  So let’s start with what I use, since not everything is MB-based but most of it is.

  1. No milk from cows!  I know, I know this is not the easiest for most people to give up.  I only use almond or soy milk.  Occasionally I will have some skim milk but it’s seldom that I do so.  Dairy has been linked in recent studies to breakouts and other nasty things.  I just can’t give up cheese.  Nope.
  2. Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing LotionThis is actually not a cleanser, even though the name makes it seem like it is.  It’s a toner that you use with a cotton ball after you cleanse your face at night.  It tingles as it’s working and it is very refreshing.
  3. Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream: I don’t care how old you are, you should be using eye cream.  Why?  Because it prevents wrinkles.  I could give a whole lecture on why you should be using it but regardless, this is my go-to for it.
  4. Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream: This is actually my favorite MB product.  I use this religiously every single night before I go to bed.  It feels like silk on your skin, hydrates extremely well, and leaves your skin looking bright the next morning.
  5. Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion: This is a product I only use when I have a zit (which is rare but there’s a reason I keep this on hand at all times).  It goes on almost like a liquid form of powder and works by killing all the gross stuff taking place under your skin’s surface.  I guarantee if you leave this on overnight, the next morning your massive zit will be half its original size.
  6. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: Another product I rarely use but always have around.  This is a product that looks separated in the bottle on purpose.  It has calamine lotion mixed in and therefore cannot be shook prior to using.  It works by drying (duh) out the blemishes on your face.  Rinse it off the next morning and you’re good to go.
  7. Mario Badescu Caviar Day Cream: This is great for dehydrated skin.  It wakes your skin up before you start your makeup routine and keeps it hydrated for the duration of the day.
  8. Mario Badescu Anti-Acne Serum: Exactly what the name says.  Put a thin layer over acne-prone areas before you go to sleep and you’ll wake up to awesome skin.  I usually take this along when I’m traveling since it’s small and easy to toss into a ziploc bag when you’re flying.
  9. Juara Sweet Black Tea and Rice Facial Moisturizer: This is my usual go-to moisturizer in the morning.  It comes in a pump bottle, which makes it extremely easy to use when you’re rushing to get your makeup done and get to work.  It has the best scent of any moisturizer I have ever used and it’s so light, it almost feels like you’re wearing nothing.
  10. Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes: You may have noticed I did not mention any sort of makeup remover in my list.  Why?  Because it always irritates my eyes and fails to remove a chunk of the makeup I’ve worn throughout that day.  I have since started using these by Burt’s Bees and have fallen in love.  They are light, refreshing, and remove EVERYTHING.  I wear a mascara that is typically difficult to remove but these wipes have made my life so much easier.  I follow these with the MB cleansing lotion that I mentioned above.

So there you go.  Will you be broke if you buy all these products at once?  Yes, probably.  MB is not an inexpensive brand but they’re also not too pricey.  I say if something works, you buy it no matter what the cost is.  It’s worth the price in the long run and your skin will thank you.  I will eventually do a post on the various body lotions, washes, and exfoliants that I use but I wanted to kick this off with something I’m constantly asked about.



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