Brand Recommendation: NYX Cosmetics

Photo Credit: NYX Cosmetics

It’s been a while!  I apologize for that.  Things have been busy over on my end.  I have not baked anything since my previous recipe and other than working, I’ve been catching up on Orange is the New Black.  If you’re not watching that, you should.  With that said, I decided to return from my brief hiatus and make a post based on a makeup brand that people constantly ask me about.  Every time I post a photo or make a post saying how great NYX is people ask me, “why?”.

Let’s start with “why”.  For one, they are still considered a drugstore brand meaning they do not charge $28 for a mascara or $22 for an eyeliner.  Okay but wouldn’t that make them similar to other drugstore brands?  No.  Why not?  Their cosmetics are of a much higher quality than that of a typical drugstore brand.  Their lipsticks are highly pigmented and have true lasting power.  Their foundations and BB Cream are gentle on the skin.  They are innovative with the products they release.  And just to bounce back to what I said earlier, THEY ARE CHEAP IN PRICE BUT NOT IN QUALITY!  With that said, below is a list of my favorite products so you get a basic idea of what I recommend.

  • Wonder Stick: This is my new favorite product from NYX.  If you contour, this will be a lifesaver for you.  One end is your contour, the other end is your highlighter.  Use these with a decent blending brush, and you’ll be contoured in no time.  I cannot say enough good things about this product.
  • Macaron Lippies:  Sometimes you just want to wear a bright orange or a lavender colored lipstick.  These macaron lippies make that possible!  I love orange blossom the best and I blend it out a bit when I wear it to make it a bit more “socially acceptable”.
  • Stay Matte but not Flat Foundation:  I am not a foundation person.  I would much rather use a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer.  Sometimes, however, you need a foundation and when that happens, I recommend this product.  It has flawless coverage and is easy to blend with the aid of a beauty blender.
  • Born to Glow Illuminator:  I like to use this product on days I do not want to do a full contour and would prefer just to have a dewy look to my skin.  It’s easy to apply and blend out.
  • The Curve:  So you say you can’t use liquid eyeliner, huh?  I thought the same thing about myself until NYX released this amazing product.  The Curve is just that, liquid eyeliner….Curved.  It has an ergonomic shape which works with you, rather than against you, as you apply it.  Guaranteed to make a perfect cateye each time.
  • Soft Matte Lip Cream:  Even if you find someone who knows of NYX but doesn’t use many of their products, I guarantee a product they will always recommend are these babies.  Why?  It’s not a lipstick and it’s surely not a lip gloss.  It goes on smooth, seals the deal as a matte, and voila you’re good to go!
  • Butter Lipstick:  I was “that guy” when these were announced.  I saw beauty bloggers constantly talking about these and how great they were going to be so I made sure to have the website open the day they went on sale.  I bought a lot…Not the entire line…But a lot.  These go on incredibly smooth and LAST!  I eventually completed my collection at IMATS this year.
  • Matte Lipstick:  Sometimes you need a good, solid matte lipstick to rely on.  Whether it be for work or dinner.  These babies last, don’t budge, and don’t dry out your lips like typical mattes do.

I hope this post didn’t bore you too much!  I think I covered most of the bases with what I recommend.  There are other products I use from NYX but these are my personal favorites.  Enjoy!



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