Temptations Snacky Mouse Cat Toy

I was recently asked by the folks over at Influenster to try out and review the new Snacky Mouse cat toy.  This toy was recently released by the Temptations brand, a brand which happens to make my cat’s favorite treats.  If you know of Temptations, then you are probably already aware of the funny illustrations they use on the bags of their treats.  Sometimes the cartoon cat is on a tractor going after a turkey, other times it’s underwater fishing tuna.  They are a fantastic brand and I was excited to try out this new toy with my cat (who, as a general rule, dislikes toys).

This is what we saw when we opened the box.  Hey, they even threw in a bag of treats!

This is what we saw when we opened the box. Hey, they even threw in a bag of treats!

The toy was pretty simple to use.  Unscrew the head, put in a few Temptations treats, screw the head back on, and roll it around with your cat!  Like I mentioned above, my cat usually dislikes all toys.  One thing she does like, however, are treats.  I think that’s what won her over on this particular toy.  She watched me hit the mouse a few times and saw treats shoot out its sides each time.  She eventually warmed up to the idea and began to hit it, as well.  Each time she hit it, another treat or two would roll onto the floor.  Each this time happened, she was amazed and went to do it again.

My cat's work, not mine.

My cat’s work, not mine.

I’m thrilled that she loved this toy!  For such a picky cat, she could not get enough of it.  She even got mad at me when I took it away so I could let the dogs back inside the house.  No need to let them get it and (possibly) destroy it.  Thanks, Influenster, for such a great toy!  And thank you to Temptations for coming up with such an original (and fun!) idea.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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2 Responses to Temptations Snacky Mouse Cat Toy

  1. The Guy says:

    Sounds like a good find and a perfect toy. My wife’s cat (Percy) loves these kind of toys and will persist in rolling them around until he gets his treat. We have to take it off him in the end because he shouldn’t have too many treats all at once – like a kid in a sweet shop!

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