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Baked Catfish

Fish. It’s something popular during the warmer months. Actually, fish is popular all times of the year. Some people dislike fish. Some people claim to dislike it but have never even tried it. Oh well, you can’t please everyone. Yes, … Continue reading

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Baked Monkfish with Lemon, Rosemary, and Mustard

Monkfish is an atrocious looking fish. Honestly, if you’ve never seen one before and you’re planning on making this recipe, hold off on the Google image search until after you eat. It is simply an eyesore. However! Monkfish are one … Continue reading

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Grilled Salmon

I’m crazy.  I hosted a BBQ recently and decided to buy a small charcoal grill because while I have a large gas grill, I determined I also needed charcoal.  Fast forward to the BBQ, and we made clams on the … Continue reading

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Salmon Burgers

I have an annual BBQ.  Each year there is always at least one person who doesn’t eat something.  I tend to be one of those people myself.  I make it a personal goal to have food for everyone and for … Continue reading

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Spicy Steamed Salmon

So I’ve been a bit quiet when it comes to recipes lately due to recent dental work.  This dental work has left me with barely any ability to chew and sores on my tongue….Therefore it’s pretty painful to eat solid … Continue reading

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SuraSang The Korean Cuisine

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, I’m a foodie.  I love all types of cuisine and I’m usually pretty ballsy when it comes to trying something new (even if it may gross out the average person).  I … Continue reading

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